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I help working executives create a predictable passive income stream by leveraging their experience and passion so that they can afford to live a meaningful lifestyle without compromising their financial well-being.

Hi There! I'm


I help working executives create a predictable passive income stream by leveraging their experience and passion so that they can afford to live a meaningful lifestyle without compromising their financial well-being.

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As a seasoned C-suite executive, I experienced a life-altering wake-up call after a terrorist attack. Realizing I had neglected important aspects of life, I embarked on a transformative journey. Through self-reflection, I developed a powerful 7-step framework called PROWESS to support others overcome this regret.

How It All Started.

As a seasoned executive, I experienced a profound shift after a wake-up call. Recognizing the importance of a balanced life, I embarked on a mission to guide others. Drawing on my expertise as a chartered marketer and blue ocean strategist, I discovered that success lies in focusing and leveraging our unique strengths or "superpowers".

Now, as a coach, I help individuals navigate the complexities of professional success while maintaining a purposeful life. Through my PROWESS framework, I empower clients to identify their superpowers and monetise their craft. I provide unwavering support as we work together to create a legacy that encompasses both professional achievement and personal happiness.

My own journey as an executive & coach has been incredibly fulfilling, and I'm committed to helping others undergo a similar transformation. With my experience, expertise, and dedication, I'm here to support you on your path toward a more meaningful and balanced life.

Facing Big Challenges.

In my personal journey towards becoming a coach, there were moments when I second-guessed my own expertise, wondering if I had what it takes to guide others. I grappled with the overwhelming task of finding my own purpose and wondered if I was on the right path.

At times, it felt like I was standing at the foot of a mountain, unsure of where to begin or how to get the right balance with the right earnings. The weight of uncertainty and self-doubt seemed almost insurmountable. But I want you to know that you don't have to reinvent the wheel or face these challenges alone.

Having been in those very same shoes, I understand the journey you're embarking on. I've navigated the depths of uncertainty and emerged stronger on the other side. Through my experiences and learnings, I've developed a roadmap that can help you find clarity, embrace your strengths, and discover your purpose enroute to monetising your craft.

You don't have to navigate this journey alone—I'm here to provide guidance, support, and a proven framework that will help you overcome challenges and unlock your true potential.

How to Convert Your Experience into a Reliable Passive Income Stream in Less Than 10 Weeks,

So That You Can Break Free from the Daily Grind and Live Life on Your Own Terms.

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Building The Expertise.

With over 20 years of C-suite experience, a Master's Degree, a Global CEO certification, Fellow of CIM, and author of "Purposeful Focus," I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. But it doesn't end there. Through years of coaching and refining my skills, I have developed the PROWESS framework, empowering individuals to create passive income streams through personal mastery.

My approach combines leadership, marketing, and strategic thinking, enabling clients to identify their strengths, align their passions with profitable opportunities, and cultivate personal mastery. With this unique blend of experience and the PROWESS framework, I am well-equipped to guide you on your journey towards creating sustainable and fulfilling passive income streams.

By leveraging my extensive background, coaching experience, and the proven PROWESS framework, I can help you tap into your expertise, navigate entrepreneurship, and unlock the potential for financial independence and personal fulfillment. Let's work together to create a legacy driven by your own mastery.

Helping YOU Succeed.

I understand that you may be wondering how my knowledge and experience can directly benefit you. Rest assured, I've done the research and consulted with the best in the field to ensure that I provide you with the most effective strategies and tools.

I've invested countless hours of work, distilling my expertise and experiences into practical solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it's creating passive income streams, mastering personal development, or achieving professional growth, I've honed my approach to help you win.

Through our coaching journey, I will leverage my extensive background and the PROWESS framework to guide you step-by-step. Together, we will identify your unique strengths, align your goals with your values, and develop actionable plans to overcome obstacles. I will provide you with the guidance, support, and accountability necessary to achieve your desired outcomes.

I've done the legwork so that you can save time and effort, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your personal and professional success. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and unlock your full potential.

Your Time Is Now.

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Today, I have the honor of working with an amazing community of GEMs that have found their PROWESS.

And I want the same for you...

magine if you finally broke through the barriers that keep you stuck in unfulfilling jobs. What if you were able to solve the problem that holds you back once and for all? Picture a life where your work aligns with your passions, where you're rewarded both emotionally and financially. Envision having the freedom to pursue your interests and spend time on the things that truly matter to you. It's time to reclaim your power, redefine your path, and create a life that reflects your values and aspirations. Embrace the possibilities, for they hold the key to your extraordinary future.

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Prowess transformed my law career, giving it new meaning. Now, I empower young adults to conquer online bullying and find their voice. Grateful for the impact I'm making. #ProwessFramework #Empowerment" I cannot wait for the next one!

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Meet our visionary founding chairman, igniting greatness within a 1 million-strong tribe. With a mission to solve one idea at a time, she guides Sparkugrowth in empowering minds and shaping a brighter future. Join us on this transformative journey. #IgniteGreatness #OneIdeaAtATime

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